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Pearls of Time

  Hours turn to years I have wasted away.
  A melody shattered, notes gone astray.
  Though once we had shared the sunset at dawn,
  Mystery magic, one perfect song. 
  The what didn't matter as much as the who.
  Crystallized fragments, the moments with you.
  Set apart, just for us.
  I strung them on heartstring to keep for all time, 
  The tune it was timeless, frozen in rhyme.
  Fate steals away my treasure possessed,
  Pearls of time carried deep in my chest,
  Split open, no warning, memories stored, 
  Scattered like bones across the stone floor.
  Rope of pearls, unraveled twine,
  One by one, lost in time.
  Break the clasp, break my heart.
  String of pearls falls apart.

  Tangled once, now undone,
  Fractured faith, truth unstrung,
  Nothing left, all alone,
  Hope abandoned since you're gone.

©2008 Karla Tipton