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Hanging Around

  I found by hanging 'round this town, it gets me down,
  But I know there's no place left to go.
  I want to leave, I want to see, all that's left of me,
  But it's hard to get very far. 
  I know the cost of what I lost, but it was fun, what's done 
      is done. 
  I lost the knack, I can't go on, I can't go back.
  So here I am, don't give a damn, I understand it was all a sham.
  But it's true, it doesn't matter much to me.

  Days are long and time is slow,
  And moving things stand still.
  And life has lost its thrill.
  There's nothing left but yesterday,
  'Cuz tomorrow never comes,
  And today has just begun.

  I realize I criticize, but in my eyes you're always best. 
  It always hurts worse when you treated me like dirt.

  You left me with all my fear, how could you be so insincere?
  I'll never lie, I'll never cry, I'll never try. 

©1977 Karla Tipton