Day 3, Sprint 3: A tale with many heads

So today I spent an hour dealing with the blocker: the plot. Should I go back and use the one I wrote 30,000 words on in 2008? Or should I forge ahead with this new one? I’ve mapped out the first three chapters of the old one in some detail, using the Chapter Plotting template I’ve developed. I will finish the rest over the weekend. The template helps me see clearly what’s afoot in each scene. Truthfully, I can imagine the two versions of the novel dovetailing into one. I will have to put some thought into the transitioning. Even more maddening, I found a very good synopsis of this story for a YA audience. This is what happens when you dwell over an idea for years – many different takes on the same tale. A Gorgon with many heads. Or perhaps, a tale with many heads. That’s it. And it’s eating my lunch, it is.

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