Day 4, Sprint 10: That sucking noise

This was my last working day before a three-week vacation. Chaos followed me everywhere. It sucked my soul like a Dementor, leaving me with nothing inside. In other words, no words. I am disappointed to miss another day. Tomorrow I will be packing for my trip, but I will try to make early progress on chapter 13. The next three weeks away from home and with holidays sprinkled in will challenge my ability to find writing time.

Day 1, Sprint 10: Can’t write inside a tornado

A draining day. It was so hectic and busy at the day job, there was no way to write until after work, and then I could only eke out 364 words. Writing is not a pursuit that can be done inside a tornado, at least for me. Those writers who swore it was “life on the edge” that enabled them to write had created a pretty little illusion to believe in, like a carrot on a stick, to propel them forward. Perhaps it worked, but I have trouble fooling myself like that. Tomorrow isn’t going to be any better. There’s a full slate scheduled. Not a very auspicious beginning to Sprint 10.

Day 7, Sprint 9: Alive to write another day

Last day of the sprint. I’m happy to report 906 words. I have followed the sudden plot development another scene and I think it’s going to work out. I’m about a third of the way through chapter 13. Altogether, I have 41,153 words into this novel. If I hadn’t been following Scrum, I’d never be this far. That image of the kanban in my head, and knowing I’m accountable for this “stand-up” post every day, well, it keeps me writing. I even produced something amidst the mental pressures of yesterday, and it’s only because of these habits I’ve formed. I will get to the end of this novel, and while the first draft may be a bit disjointed, I know that all can be aligned in the rewrite. Tomorrow is Monday. A new sprint begins. It’s also a regular work day, so output may be a challenge. I expect to produce something at lunchtime.

Day 6, Sprint 9: An unexpected plot turn

A truly bad day in terms of lack of inspiration. External pressures removed me far from that centered place I must to be in to write. It was looking like the day would be a bust, and could not bring myself to write anything. I watched a Harry Potter movie to calm my nerves. Sometimes it’s the only thing that works. And it did so again. So after the movie, at about 8 p.m., I convinced myself I could do the 500 words at least. I made it to 487. The scene I wrote had not been planned for, and it lacks some heart. But the way it ended started a new turn of plot that I’m not sure about. That’s the thing about being a pantser rather than a planner. You have to go with the things that suddenly occur for at least little while to see if they turn into something worthwhile. And so I wrote. I should be over the worst of the writer’s block by tomorrow.

Day 5, Sprint 9: Twisted plot

No words today, but I worked on plot. I had come up against a wall of “what’s going to happen next?” and had to give it some thought. A character I thought had been murdered may not be dead after all. This is an excellent plot twist. It also will impact the novel’s ending, and add more surprises. I added some “rewrite” tasks to the Kanban board about these plot changes so I won’t forget them.