Day 7, Sprint 9: Alive to write another day

Last day of the sprint. I’m happy to report 906 words. I have followed the sudden plot development another scene and I think it’s going to work out. I’m about a third of the way through chapter 13. Altogether, I have 41,153 words into this novel. If I hadn’t been following Scrum, I’d never be this far. That image of the kanban in my head, and knowing I’m accountable for this “stand-up” post every day, well, it keeps me writing. I even produced something amidst the mental pressures of yesterday, and it’s only because of these habits I’ve formed. I will get to the end of this novel, and while the first draft may be a bit disjointed, I know that all can be aligned in the rewrite. Tomorrow is Monday. A new sprint begins. It’s also a regular work day, so output may be a challenge. I expect to produce something at lunchtime.

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