Day 6, Sprint 9: An unexpected plot turn

A truly bad day in terms of lack of inspiration. External pressures removed me far from that centered place I must to be in to write. It was looking like the day would be a bust, and could not bring myself to write anything. I watched a Harry Potter movie to calm my nerves. Sometimes it’s the only thing that works. And it did so again. So after the movie, at about 8 p.m., I convinced myself I could do the 500 words at least. I made it to 487. The scene I wrote had not been planned for, and it lacks some heart. But the way it ended started a new turn of plot that I’m not sure about. That’s the thing about being a pantser rather than a planner. You have to go with the things that suddenly occur for at least little while to see if they turn into something worthwhile. And so I wrote. I should be over the worst of the writer’s block by tomorrow.

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