Day 2, Sprint 3: My blocker, myself

I have a blocker. I’m floundering. My backlog of scene cards has been completed. And I’m struggling with building the next couple chapters of plot. That’s what I worked on today, but I didn’t get very far. So I definitely did not make an equivalent of my 500 words quota. I have never been able to refrain at this point from going back to Chapter 1 and rewriting it — over and over and over. But that would totally defeat the purpose of trying to do this the Scrum way. So I’m not going to do that. But part of my blocker comes from within. Today I looked back over the fourth attempt of this novel that I worked on in 2008. I had actually finished more than 30,000 words. Now I’m being pulled back toward just finishing that version. But the problem is, that approach is not faithful to my teenage vision of the story. And I’d really like to preserve that. For instance, I want to write it in first person whereas that previous attempt is in third person. I wonder if I should figure out a way to blend the two. But I’m divided. This new version has a strong beginning. But now I’m struggling. It seems easier to go back to the older version, but I think that’s just a tactic to not address the blocker. So I’m going to stick to my Scrum guns. haha… that sort of rhymes.

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