Don’t let a guy talk you out of playing guitar

Don’t ever let a guy talk you out of playing guitar. You might be still early in the learning stages and not that good yet. Or you might play them a song and he’ll tell you not to give up your day job. Or when you play him the rough recording, he’ll say it sounds like warbling. That’s what happened to me. The words will smite you to the core. It will make you want to give up playing and writing songs. Don’t listen to him.

As I found out later, he’s jealous. Either he isn’t interested in music, or thinks rock is for the immature, or girls shouldn’t play instruments, but should just sing. And if he’s a rocker himself, he’s probably a drummer who always wanted to play guitar.

Don’t do what I did. Don’t stop because it makes him feel that his opinion is more important than yours. Don’t stop because it pleases him. As Journey sings, don’t stop believing. Do what pleases you. Because someday that self-centered asshole will be gone or dead, and you will be left without music and without in yourself. If you’re like me, you might have even forgotten about how great playing guitar made you feel and it might not even occur to you to pick up your guitar again until years later.

There’s one man who would never ask you to quit playing: Keith Richards. He is the ultimate guitar hero. He is and always has been my personal guitar hero. And Keith says if he was locked in jail for life, he would be just fine if he had his guitar.

Sometimes being in a oppressive relationship with a man is just like being locked up in jail. It happened to me. And if I had still been playing guitar, I wouldn’t have been in so much pain. In fact, I might have had enough belief in myself, and enough power, to break out of the prison.

But for me, that didn’t happen until much later. Don’t let it happen to you.

2 thoughts on “Don’t let a guy talk you out of playing guitar

  1. And if piano is your gig, and if you thrive on creating your own sound on those 88 keys, don’t ever let a man get away with, “Can’t you play real music on that thing?” or “Why don’t you learn to play something by Elton John instead of that stuff you always play.”

    Yep, like Karla writes, he’s the asshole and he’ll be gone someday, and if you heeded his stupid critiques (when he knew zippo about music), you will regret what you have lost–your ability to create and find your pleasure in your own sound.

    Girlfriends, just play it!

    • Charmaine, right! You totally get what I’m saying, as a lot of women do, I suspect. I wonder if it’s generational thing, and millennial female musicians are taken more seriously than we were?

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