Richard III Tour: Leicester – I felt his bones beneath me

In 1990, I set off for England for a month – the first time I had been “across the pond”  – and I was going on my own. I was thick in the middle of writing my Richard III novel, “Rings of Passage.” I believed him innocent of the crimes he was accused of, and read all I could about him. Books and research were not enough. When I went to England, I went to experience the places Richard had lived and died. I went to find the king I had fallen a little bit in love with.

Looking back from 2014: When I visited Leicester, the city was not yet famous for being the place where a King of England’s remains were excavated in 2012. During my visit, there were no crowds gathering at the site where Greyfriars Priory once stood. The city felt unloved and avoided, much as Richard himself had been before becoming the poster child for archaeology.

Karla Tipton

Karla Tipton, England,

Leicester, Sept 24, 1990

I’m starting to wear down. Either it’s me or all this traveling is taking its toll. I caught trains and carried heavy luggage all day. In the pouring down cold rain. Miserable. Did laundry.Then tonight I walked to all the places Richard had been that are no longer standing. Not very exciting. I did sort of feel his bones beneath me at Greyfriars – but it might have been fatigue.

Tomorrow, Bosworth Field. Which means another long walk. I sure hope this one is not along a busy highway like the one to Middleham. If it is, I hope it’s flat with lots of shoulder.

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  1. And not only did you traipse five mile was it? to Bosworth, but you carried home that heavy Kingmaker game for me on your back! 😀

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